Chicago Summer of Fun!

So what is there to do in Chicago this summer? Well, If we are not in school, and we are just hanging around RMU, there’s actually quite a bit we can do. I mean, this is Chicago after all. We are the ones that show that there is more to do in Chicago besides seeing our skyline. Chicago has a list of events and it never fails to see exactly what is happening. The crowds that gather for one event, to just having things to do that are free.

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium has free days. Of course, we can always go! But, why not go for free. The planetarium has free days between June 5-9. But, that isn’t all. The Art Institute of Chicago has free access to all residents from 5-8pm on Thursdays. That does mean that if you have class in the morning, you might as well spend time with friends or a loved one at the museum.

View the calendar below, and check frequently. Calendar events are added through time.

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